Last week a random UDFA signing made brief waves across NFL media accounts. Schefter even tweeted about it, and even for Shefter, who tweets every piece of information he can break at lightning speed, tweeting about a random UDFA signing was unusual. If a UDFA gets signed, it’s barely news. So why was this guy news? Well, it should be obvious. His name is very close to a slur.

From what I could find online, it’s pronounced Fah-go. Any passing familiarity with French spelling trends should clarify that the T is silent. But it’s certainly the kind of name that makes you wonder if Thom Brennaman will do his homework this time instead of saying the F-slur again. I wonder if Vegas has odds on which announcer slips up first. Well, we were robbed of years of Jake Butt jokes, maybe we can laugh at announcers canceling themselves on air.