The Fog Bowl is a pretty well-known piece of NFL lore but if you haven’t actually looked it up, I’d suggest doing so. NFL films did a great 40 minute piece on it that’s available on youtube.

In case you are a zoomer or something and haven’t heard of the Fog Bowl, in the divisional round in 1988 between the Bears and Eagles in Chicago a freak weather event put a fat cloud right on the field and nobody could see jack shit for the exact perfect timeframe to interrupt the football game. It was a combination of freak weather conditions coalescing at the perfect time. With all the current technology we have available, it makes me wonder how things would go if this happened in modern times. I’d expect it to be delayed, because how can you accurately and fairly judge a game where you can’t see 10 feet away?

If you’ve never experienced fog like this in real life, it’s one of the most surreal things you can imagine. One of the few types of things that’s genuinely weirder than anything in the movies. I saw it once in Bar Harbor, Maine on a lazy afternoon during a family vacation. It rolled up main street from the waterfront and it was like a genuine wall of mist that instinctively makes you want to run from it as it glides over the ground. Went from a beautiful day to suddenly not being able to see across a two-lane street to the other side. I can’t imagine playing football in that. I was actually worried for anyone driving because that’s an impossible situation to drive in.