Well after losing Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to ESPN I guess Fox had to make the big play for the future to keep up with Tony Romo and the SNF crew. They managed to land the living legend himself…sort of. Tom Brady will join Fox Sports as a TV analyst. He will be the color guy next to Kevin Burkhardt. He will be paid 375 Million over 10 years. He will do this…when he finally decides he doesn’t want to play anymore. He’s still the Tampa QB right now and for the foreseeable future. Thankfully we won’t have to watch him in the booth for a while at this rate.

I have to admit I was surprised to see the news. Brady didn’t strike me as the TV analyst type and I’m surprised he agreed to it. I saw him as more the Michael Jordan type, the investor boy who sticks around the sport and works his way up the chain of the executive side of the operations and starts owning a team or something. Not that this particular job prevents him from doing exactly that and it might genuinely be his plan, but Brady never seemed like the get on TV and spout stuff type. Brady is good on camera, his recent years on social media have proven that, but his image also feels very tightly controlled and scripted, and being a color commentator kind of requires more ability to operate on the fly.

He’ll probably be good at it from an insight perspective. The dude probably forgot more about football than most of us have collectively learned. He’ll know exactly what defenses are doing on any play. How good he will be at relaying that information to us is the question. I’m not thrilled at all with the prospect of having to listen to Tom Brady talk to me every Sunday for 10 years but he’ll probably be less annoying than Cris Collinsworth, and since he’s on Fox, I won’t have to watch the game he’s calling since others will usually be on. That’s arguably the worst part about Collinsworth, you can’t avoid him.

Anyway I got family stuff for the next week so no comics till next Friday at the earliest. Go outside and enjoy some spring allergies.