I think Derrick Henry might be my current favorite player in the NFL?

I just love watching him. Even when he doesn’t do anything it’s like watching a hulking refrigerator sprint through people. He’s just so fun to watch. His 94-yard TD run during the amazing Texans game was a thing of beauty. A man that big shouldn’t be able to outrun defensive backs. Crushing them, I can understand. But outrunning them? Unbelievable. In a league full of RBs by committee and teams getting screwed after paying bellcow backs and having them fall apart, Henry feels like the last remnant of an old game, and still somehow like nothing we’ve seen before. Even his ponytail/dread thing looks like it could kick my ass harder then the stiff arm he used to send Josh Norman into the shadow realm.

Praise be to Derrick Henry, Titan of Tennessee. Glory to El Tractorcito. May his reign be long and powerful. May his wheels stain the ground with the blood his enemies.

I had the Titans pegged as last year’s biggest one-year wonder but goddamn if this team doesn’t seem like they just might have it in them to stick around a while. Tannehill is free and thriving. The team seems to have successfully weathered the first major Covid infection and is now using it as a weapon of spite. I’m afraid of and aroused by the Titans.