The Titans have already slipped into forgotten territory and honestly I don’t see a reason to remember they exist for the rest of the season.

Marcus Mariota has been benched. He hasn’t developed as hoped. He’s also not set up to succeed, with a faulty line protecting him. He has few weapons, and his coaching staff is balls. But that doesn’t change the fact that he seemingly can’t make decisions quickly and just isn’t growing or improving. Now we get to see Ryan Tannehill take the reigns and I highly doubt it will be much of an improvement. Marcus is almost guaranteed to end up somewhere else after this season, which might be for the best.

Now I get to see the answer to a question I have wondered since he was drafted. What do all the Oregon Ducks fans do when Marcus goes elseware? Tons of Mariota jerseys popped up in this area after he got picked up by the Titans. I’ve never seen a large amount of Titans fans anywhere (outside Nashville, where I assume has plenty) but these past seasons have featured me witnessing more Titans fans in the wild than a lot of other teams out here. But they are clearly all Titans fans due to Mariota. Has Mariota been on the team long enough for these people to stay Titans fans? Will they move on to Mariota’s new team? Will they hate the Titans for how the team has basically misused him since drafting him? I am very excited to find out.

I have recently discovered a new sports bar in my neighborhood that I’ve gone to for the past few weeks. It is an entire wall of screens. Each game gets roughly two screens on the wall. All of a sudden, when I was moving my attention back and forth, I realized one game was missing. The Titans game. For 3 weeks the Titans game has just…not been on TV, in a bar with tons of TVs. Nobody seemed bothered. The Titans have always struggled for national attention but this is a level of apathy and disrespect I haven’t seen for a while.

The thing is, I can’t imagine a reason anybody would have to watch this team outside obligation or dedicated fandom. The Titans are not exciting. They had a brief blip a couple seasons ago when Mariota was doing well and they were at least reaching the playoffs, but now? What about the Titans is interesting? Marcus looks broken. The offense is dull. The defense is fine. The coach is bland. The uniforms are still pretty meh. Derrick Henry isn’t as fun as it feels he should be.

I have a soft spot for the often forgotten Titans of Tennessee and usually wish them the best so that they’d get more love. But this team just doesn’t seem fun. They are in dire need of a Mahomes-esque fire to break them free from Tartarus and give us a reason to watch them again.

This comic is going to age very poorly if the Titans beat the Bolts this weekend.
EDIT: Vroomba down in the comments had a wonderful idea. Since I drew the Titans being beaten by a guy who shoots electricity, and this weekend the Titans face The Chargers, if the Titans actually win I will draw them eating Philip Rivers in the style of Saturn Devouring His Son.