I love JJ Watt and I think he deserves the MVP award. QBs get all the credit, offense get’s all the credit, but nowhere in the league is a defensive player such an incredible force. JJ Watt is incredible and watching him feels like a privilege. It’s like watching the Peyton Manning of defense. I think the only thing he’s not good at is dancing, judging from that awful commercial with the school dance.

That said, he seems like a football robot. His famous letter response to his teammates who called him boring being a big example as to why. His later chastising Zach Mettenberger for taking a goofy selfie when he got the starting job is another. I wasn’t sure whether or not he was just trash talking, but with Watt it’s hard to know because he is such a football robot. He’s the kind of player old white people put on a pedestal. Big, strapping young fellow who pulls up his bootstraps and works hard and gives back. Doesn’t do any of that stupid stuff like party or clubbing. Probably would have been in the army if he didn’t play football. “Plays the game the right way”. He looks like the kind of player you’d see in a movie about High School Football, as either the tragic future all american who dies in a car crash or the asshole jock who learns to respect the protagonist. This isn’t a knock on Watt, there’s nothing wrong with who he is and you certainly can’t call him a bad person for this. The league could use more upstanding players like Watt and less players who beat their children/wives or might be actual murderers.

But seriously there’s also nothing wrong with selfies or having a good time, Watt. Stop hating fun.

Also, just in case you missed it, I made a twitter bet that if the Jags beat the Giants I’d draw Jaxson De Ville pooping on Eli Manning. I delivered.