I get it. The Giants/Jets play in New Jersey. Buffalo is technically the only team in NY. You don’t need to point it out, because you know who else has pointed it out before you? EVERYONE.

What is still sort of funny on a technical level has been joked to death. I can, in the year of our lord 2014, go on twitter, or reddit, or wherever, and mention New York teams in some way. And then inevitably some smug ass goes “Hurr durr there is only one team in new York/The Giants play in new jersey hurff durff” like he’s made the most clever joke in all of mankind. Congrats bro, you just pointed out something people have been saying for 40 years. It’s a shame, because the idea is still kinda funny in a whatever sort of way when you think about it. Two teams associated with our biggest city don’t play in the city or state they are named for? It’s kind of amusing. But it’s been that way for so long, it’s lost all luster and has become annoying.

I wonder why the Redskins don’t get it. They play in Maryland. But you make a Maryland Redskins joke and they just look at you and go “The stadium is like 10 minutes from DC limits”. Well, uh, it’s not like the Meadowlands is down in Camden or something, it’s right across the river. They are associated with the city. Everyone understands this. When I talk New York teams and you point out that they don’t play in New York, You have added nothing to the discussion. It’s not like saying “New York Giants” really confuses people because they are actually in Jersey, everyone knows who the New York Giants/Jets are and what city/area they represent, you are just being a doof and interjecting 40 year old jokes to try and sound clever.

Anyway that whole joke is just a pet peeve of mine. Every fan probably has that one joke they are absolutely sick of hearing. You know the one joke everyone always makes that is so tired that you’d just wish it would die? So what’s yours? What football joke/fact that people bring up do you wish would die a horrible flaming death? What cliche would you like to stamp out right now if you could? Honestly I’m curious, because it might save me from making comics with those jokes in the future. Dave cares. So hit me. What cliches should I avoid if I can?