So, those new Bucs uniforms, eh?

As much as I love the helmet I’m a little disappointed in the re-designed uniforms. I wasn’t expecting a total overhaul like this, I was expecting minor tweaks. Overall, it’s kind of…eh. I want to see it in motion before I can really tell if it was a good idea.

One thing everyone seems to agree on though is those numbers were probably a bad idea. They look like an alarm clock digital font. The thing about this uniform to me is that it feels like they had a bunch of nice little ideas for tweaks to make things more modern, and used them all instead of finding which combo worked the best.

Different color shoulders. Okay, Titans do that, it could work.

Small orange highlights. Okay, bucs totally need more creamsicle.

Fancy numbers. Okay, whatever, Nike seems to like those sharp angles, why not.

Fancy material that shines on the numbers. Okay, kind of unnecessary, but might work.

But instead of finding which combo of these worked in tandem, they threw them all together in one package. I don’t think they all work together. A fellow on reddit going by _ThunderGunned_ made a few quick edits, eliminating the shoulder color changes: And I think it looks better. I saw other edits floating around that removed the Orange highlights, and ones that simply removed the lines on the numbers that make it look like digital numbers. Almost every minor edit I saw, which took away just one element of the new design, looked better than what we have. So that’s why I think it’s a case of Nike trying too many things at once. I don’t think the uniform is a disaster (although I hate the white away versions more, it makes the shoulders look really heavy) but I think it’s a little too far gone. If I had to have one change, take away those stupid lines on the numbers so it doesn’t look like my alarm clock.

But I thought the Seahawks uniforms were bad until I saw them in motion, so it’s hard to accurately judge them in these black voids they got photographed in. So I’m willing to give it time.