So, if you haven’t heard because it’s been this weird sort of rumor story, apparently there is a videotape of Dez Bryant doing something in a Walmart parking lot, footage from several years ago. Apparently it’s terrible. PFT compared it to the Rice video, and Terez Owens called it “5 times worse than the Ray Rice video”. Adam Schefter confirmed he’d been working on this story for months, but made only vague affirmations as to the video’s existence, which he confirmed he has not seen. Ian Rappaport has been pushing the story as well. Nobody’s seen the video still and it’s apparently being shopped.

It’s a BS story. Sounded like one from the start to me and until I see a video, I refuse to believe otherwise. This is crap. I read that the police were called to the Walmart over some altercation, but nobody was charged or arrested and everyone walked away fine. Certainly doesn’t sound like anything close to “Ray Rice” levels. Mike Florio from PFT, who first said that, is a notorious hack who loves to say stuff like that and flavor his articles with baseless speculation presented as fact for clicks (I hate Mike Florio). Terez Owens is a TMZ-esque sensationalist gossip site so they can safely be ignored. Adam Schefter’s inability to give a straight answer makes me think that he’s been strung along by whoever has this “video”. Same with most of the reporters pushing the story. Not to mention all of this is coming out as the Cowboys are trying to work out a long term deal with Bryant, and it reeks of someone trying to take advantage of Dez or screw him over. In my eyes the police story tells us all we need to know. Nobody was charged, nothing important happened.

Not to mention all of this supposedly happened before Dez even arrived in the NFL, before he was famous. It shouldn’t even matter then. If he did something criminal he’ll get prosecuted if the evidence arises, but the police report pretty much seems to rule out anything coming of it. At worst it’s probably just an argument, maybe a shove. Dez is an animated man who already gets flack for yelling at teammates on the sidelines, I wouldn’t be surprised if he yelled at some folks back in the day.

This story is a load of nonsense and unless something comes out proving otherwise, everyone should probably just shut up and ignore it.