Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens, champions of superbowl 47!

That was a great game. Looked to be ugly early, but then the lights went out and the 49ers came back to make it one of the more thrilling superbowls I can remember. This was a great game, with a hilarious moment, it’ll be remembered.

Ultimately, the Superbowl is always decided by which team makes fewer little mistakes. That team was the Ravens. The 49ers made too many mistakes early on and put themselves in a big hole. The way they took control late made me feel as if the 49ers would win this matchup 7/10 times, but you have to do it when you have the chance. You can’t fumble on a possible go ahead drive. You can’t give up an offsides to keep a drive alive. You can’t allow someone to catch a ball deep, get up, then run 5 yards into the endzone. You can’t allow the longest runback in Superbowl history to start the half. Lastly, no matter what you think about the final “penalty or no penalty” situation, the 49ers were on the 5 yard line and threw the ball 3 times, poorly. The Ravens were without Ngata, out with injury. You have Frank Gore. You have 2 minutes to kill, and two timeouts. Run the ball down their throats, or try a fade to Moss once. 3 bad pass plays in a row that the Ravens saw coming from miles away. It came down to the small things, and the Ravens won that battle. Congrats to them.

The reffing was fine on re-watch. The refs let a lot of plays go, overall it hurt the 49ers slightly more than the Ravens. Cary Williams should have been ejected for shoving the one ref during the fight. I can’t believe he wasn’t. Justin Smith got ejected once for doing something nowhere near that egregious. But the 9ers got calls too. That Running into the kicker penalty was crap; Akers deserved an oscar for that flop. He was on the ground before the Raven even hit him. 49er fans are mad at the refs, Jim harbaugh is mad at the refs, but ultimately the Niners had their chances and they made too many errors.

Ray Lewis was a complete non-factor the whole game and it was hilarious watching the announcers struggle to not talk about him when he was getting burned frequently. The real star of the game was Jacoby Jones, who might have deserved MVP, except giving SB MVP to someone other than a QB is illegal or something. Flacco is SB MVP. Baltimore better get used to “is he elite/he is elite” arguments for a while.

Kaep looked raw that game. The kid has a ton of potential and if he can avoid RG3 type injuries he might develop into one of the best QBs the league has several years down the road. Crabtree is an absolute beast, that guy is amazing, looking forward to seeing him destroy the league next year. The Niners are a great team with a great coach. They aren’t going away anytime soon.

Lastly, I bet most of you expected me to make a blackout joke. it’s coming, don’t worry.