When I heard the Titans hung up on Mariota by accident this little scenario popped into my head, because that is hilarious

Hey, look! A Titans comic that isn’t a joke about how nobody remembers the Titans! PROGRESS! Now that they have Super Mariota they might even get some actual media coverage. I’m not sure how to feel about Mariota as a Titan overall, though. From what I’ve read he doesn’t fit Ken Whisenhunt’s system, he’s already far from a sure thing considering the system he played in at Oregon, and he will have a suspect O-line blocking for him. I also don’t know who their RB is, which isn’t a good sign. I can name most starting RBs.

*Googles Titans RBs*

Bishop Sankey? Jackie Battle? Leon Washington? Shonn Greene? oooof.

There is also the concern that the Titans were being offered some mega trades for that second overall pick, and if those trade offers were true, I think the Titans were kind of foolish to pass them up. The Titans need far more than just a QB and letting the Browns or Eagles give up half a draft for a QB who doesn’t even fit your system sounds like a good idea to me. If Marcus flames out, the Titans missed a HUGE opportunity. They seemed okay with Mettenberger last year, why not give the selfie kid another year, see if he gets better? After yesterday, he wants out. So the Titans alienated their presumed backup QB prospect in the move. Overall, the Titans better hope Marcus pays off, because right now things look pretty iffy. I hope Mariota is good though, I like him and wish him well.

As for the rest of that first round, what a snorefest. No exciting trades. No crazy reaches. Safe lineman picks all over the place. Nothing terribly laughable, outside maybe the Colts ignoring their defense and drafting another WR, something they didn’t need whatsoever. The Rams picking Todd Gurley with no one to block for him seemed silly too. The Jets aced it and that defense is going to be absolutely terrifying next year.

I’m fairly happy with the Giants draft so far. Flowers was a reach at #9, but he’s got a lot of potential if he can improve his slow footwork. Landon Collins isn’t exactly the type of saftey we needed, but we needed literally anything at safety so getting the top prospect was good. Big-O from UCLA was a steal in the third, a lot had him ranked as a low first rounder.

If you’d like to see the draft cards for this year, they are LIVE ON THE SITE RIGHT NOW. A few are missing (draft isn’t over yet) but almost all are there.