Well, I promised I would. Here it is. Share it and horrify the remaining Chargers fans you know.

That game was classic Chargers. I’ve already touched on the Titans with the last comic and that game didn’t really do anything to change my opinion of them. Both teams looked their records during that game. But there isn’t anything more Chargers than losing games early in the season by 1 score due to nonsense decisions and comical failures.

If you missed the end of the game, it as hilarious. The Chargers get down to the half-yard line after a review keeps them just shy of the endzone. They have 39 seconds or so. They immediately have a false start penalty and get kicked back 5 yards. The Titans get called for DPI, which was a fair call as Malcom Butler held the WR way too much, so the ball is now back on the one. They try to rush it in, and they get in! Until the booth reviews it and calls it short, which was also the right call. They ran the ball again, appeared to get called short, but the clock stops anyway as if they got in. After about 10 minutes of waiting and review discussion, it turns out Melvin “I want a bigger contract but my holdout didn’t work” Gordon not only didn’t make it into the endzone, he fumbled too, and the Titans recovered it. Game over. Classic Chargers, inventing new dumb ways to lose football games since 1960.

Man the Chargers have been a disappointment this season. In 2018 I thought Anthony Lynn was the coach of the year and didn’t get enough credit for basically having the Chargers keep up with the Chiefs. The Chargers were an easy dark horse pick. Now the season is practically lost and the team is a mess. Ken Whisenhunt is dumb and bad. Their attendance woes are even worse. Rivers is another year older. If they can’t beat the Bears next week it might be toasty time for the Bolts.

BTW, if you want a little art history lesson, go down the rabbit hole that is Goya’s The Black Paintings. It’s pretty fascinating.