The ironic part of this comic is that it might legitimately be the smartest Gronk I have portrayed yet in here on TDP.

Gronk is too beautiful for this earth. He went to a wedding (No it wasn’t Maclin’s, just wanted to make another Walrus drawing) and intercepted the bouquet and spiked it.  To be honest it looks pretty rehearsed, but even so, he’s still too beautiful for this earth. What did we do to deserve the platonic ideal of the happy go lucky goofball dumb jock? Oh, maybe we only got him on the caveat that he’s a Patriot. He’ll forever be the guy the rest of us mention as a side note when we say we hate the Pats. I HATE THE PATRIOTS…except Rob Gronkowski, you can’t hate him. You really can’t. He’s the human embodiment of a golden retriever.

I bet if Gronk was a secret agent he’d want his martini sixty and nined.