Oh man, poor Alex Smith. Sorry dude who I have now spent 5 straight comics mocking, but woof. It’s pretty clear the Alex Smith era is coming to an end after this year. The Chiefs drafted a QB in the first round with skills Alex doesn’t have, and now they just dumped Jeremy Maclin for cap reasons. Maclin is the best WR the Chiefs had. He’s the only WR Smith has thrown a 1,000 yard season to. He was a YAC specialist, perfect for taking Smith’s dumpoffs into interesting territory. Smith’s contract makes him an easy cut next season. Smith is done in KC.

But whatevs, he’s 33 and not getting better. Lets talk about how messed up it is to cut Maclin basically a few weeks after going to his wedding, Andy Reid. That’s cold. That’s ice cold. Polar Ice Caps Cold. Did you even get him a wedding gift? Did he open the box and find a pink slip? That’s so cold, man.

I mean monetary wise it makes sense. Maclin costs a lot of money against the cap and if the Chiefs are heading for a rebuild and prepping to sign some of their defenders to some long term contracts it makes some sense to cut a guy who had one good year and one injured year who costs major moolah. But still, after you went to his wedding day a few weeks before, man. Cruel. Another thing: Why wait so long? Oh. Oooooooh. Because if they cut him after June 1st, they freed up more cap space. That’s some cold, calculated shit. Surely with that kind of news Jeremy had to know it was coming, right? NOPE! Thanks for inviting me to your wedding, Jeremy! Get the fuck out!

I would hate it but it would also be extremely funny if he ends up back on the iggles. I guess we got a free agent to watch now. Lord knows nothing else is happening. Remember how mad people got about me making lots of deflategate comics? I wish we had something half as interesting as deflategate happening right now. Two more months.

Don’t do anything more stupid Chiefs I would like to take a break from moon comics now.

Edit: Lol I finished the comic early and forgot to schedule two days ahead instead so happy early comic, bros