Man, what has been happening to the Jets? Two years ago they were contending for the playoffs. They had a great WR group, a stellar young defense, and what appeared to be a good coach. They needed to fill a few holes (namely QB), but the Jets seemed primed to actually finally return to relevance. Then…well I don’t really know what happened.

I’ll admit I don’t follow the Jets real closely. Since Rex left the public circus kinda died down and the Jets have kinda gone back to moderate media attention, which is still a lot but I don’t live in NY so I don’t see most of it. If a Jets fan could give a more detailed breakdown of why everything has fallen apart in the comments, I’d appreciate it.

But before that, lets talk about how this season looks like it’s going to suck! re the Jets going to tank?

The Jets lost Fitz (good) and Geno (goodish?). They pulled in Josh McCown, who I think is probably about on par with Fitz. Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty are the other QBs, which rounds out possibly the worst QB situation in the league. They lost Marshall and dropped Decker, which means their already questionable WR group is now basically nothing, unless you have an ultra high-opinion of Quincy Enunwa. They still have a solid D, but it’s not incredible enough to save them like Houston’s was.

It feels like the Jets are going full tank. I have to wonder how Bowles feels about all this. Todd is probably a dead man walking at this point unless a miracle happens.