I never made a comic about Fireman Ed, and it’s one of my biggest regrets. He retired back in the era of one comic a week so I missed it. So here is my Fireman Ed comic, since it’s July during the offseason and no one has any news anyway.

I always liked Fireman Ed. He got a lot of crap but I think it was from mostly jealous fanbases that don’t have the cool “superfan”. Super fans are cool devoted people. Maybe they are a little gimmicky, but I like that sort of thing. I like the 12th man, even if it gets completely overdone. I liked the Hogettes for the Redskins. Sea-Hulk. That vikings fan who always caught Randy Moss.  The Giants have a Superfan, called License Plate Guy, but I think his gimmick is kinda lame. Back when I went to Orioles games the O’s had a fan called Wild Bill Hagy who was our “superfan”.  Fireman Ed was a great fan. He got the crowd going. he had a great look. The endorsements and attention got kind of over-saturated, but I like fans like that. He never deserved the kind of vitrol he got for being a vocal supporter of a sports team. Unless I missed something he wasn’t going out being a dick, he was just a former fireman who liked yelling and liked the Jets. Why does that make him a bad person? He got called a wussy for quitting after the Buttfumble game, but if you are a regular Joe getting tons of hate just for being a fan, I can see how that might wear on you after a while. Besides, I have to imagine that Jets game broke a lot of Jets fans.