So, Bonus comic! This was not actually written by me, this was a commissioned piece that some goons over at Something Awful were determined to see. It was a post from early in the season, and they have been effectively bugging me to make it since it happened. and the only way I could do it justice was in comic form, so here we are. I have to credit poster “MonsterWalk” for the original post (which is effectively the comic written down, only the presentation is mine), and thank “Chichevache” and “lobster monster” for the green encouragement. Now stop asking me to draw it.

Anyway, in case anyone doesn’t get it, Austin Collie has a tendency to get completely destroyed at least once a year, he’s suffered 3 major concussions now, and each one made him look dead on the field. He spent this year mostly on IR.

I will update twice next week as usual. Be sure to not watch the Pro Bowl tomorrow, as not watching the Pro Bowl is effectively the same as watching it.