The Bills. I feel like almost every year the Bills start out with a couple of big wins and the entire fanbase starts going nuts. WE ARE GOOD! WE ARE WINNING! THINGS ARE LOOKING UP! Then they become The Bills again and slip into unfortunate mediocrity as everyone stops paying attention. Every year, I swear. Last year they didn’t have a good record but for the first half of the season they put up a good fight in each game, then fell apart. This season we get 2-0 and Bills fans are acting like they won the Super Bowl, and now here we are going into week 5 and they’ve gone all Bills again.

If the Lions and the Browns didn’t exist the Bills would easily be considered the dumbest franchise. No matter who seems to be running the team the Bills continue to make dumb moves that do not really make much sense. Two drafts ago they picked EJ Manuel  with the #16 pick. EJ was a project QB with a lot of upside but far from putting it all together. There was no reason the Bills needed to use a first round pick on him, they could have easily picked up EJ in the second or third round, as the QB crop was weak that year and Geno didn’t even get picked till the 2nd. EJ should have never been thrown into the fire as he needed time, yet for some reason the Bills were all over him. This was after the Bills released Ryan Fitzpatrick after giving him a laughable contract for a few good games. Now the Bills are benching EJ for Kyle Orton in a move that I cannot begin to figure out the point of. Kyle Orton is not the answer. I realize EJ had a couple of bad games, and the fanbase seemed to have turned on him, but benching him now for Orton just seems like a waste. Orton isn’t good either, he’s a stop gap. Maybe it’s to try and light a fire under Manuel, maybe they really think Orton is the key and they think they can compete. The Bills just sort of make me scratch my head and make a puzzled face before breathing a heavy sigh. That’s the Bills to me, a heavy sigh.

Although, I love me some Kyle Orton. Dude has had the funniest career. Lets remember
-Being backup to Sexy Rexy, leading the team during his injuries when they went to the Super Bowl (and lost)
-Being a weird puzzle piece in the bizarre Josh McDaniels Jay Cutler feud, and ultimately ended up in Denver as McDaniels traded Cutler to the Bears.
-Leading the Broncos to 6-0 under McDaniels, including one of the funniest plays of all time. Then the infamous collapse.
-Benched for Tim Tebow in the magic season
-Picked up by the Chiefs, came in to relieve Tyler Palko, got hurt immediately, released, picked up by Cowboys
-Rode the bench behind Romo, called into action week 17 and pulled a Primetime Romo to keep the Cowboys 8-8 dream alive
-Brought back by panicking Bills after abysmal preseason by EJ, fleeces Bills out of 5 million
-now a starter in week 5.

The Neckbeard owns.