So the hapless Buccaneers, those who fell 56-14 last week against a not great Falcons team, came back and defeated the Steelers, in Pittsburgh, a week after the Steelers routed the Panthers. The big difference between the first 3 games and this one for the Bucs? Mike Glennon was the starter, not McCown. The answer seems pretty obvious to me at this point: Start Glennon. Glennon showed some ability last season despite the toxicity around him. The Bucs got fleeced by Josh McCown last year, who played very well on a Bears team who had a much better offensive mind at the helm and two of the best weapons in the game, and a good O-line. McCown got a ton of money from Lovie to be the man in Tampa, and I’m pretty sure most people outside Tampa viewed this as the dumb move it’s turning out to be. Lovie is a good D guy, but he’s old, and he’s never once picked a quality O-coordinator to help him out. Even with VJax and Mike Evans, it didn’t look smart. Glennon probably isn’t the future, but he’s younger with more upside at this point then McCown. It feels like a similar situation to the Bills in a way, take the shaky 2nd year QB with potential or throw in the shaky experienced Veteran. The Bills started on one end and are now going with the old guy far past his prime, and Tampa might be headed the other way.

At least if Glennon keeps the job. Lovie seems very committed to McCown. If McCown gets the job back despite Glennon being the better option (imo) then I think the Bucs are tanking for Mariota or Winston. Winston would make a lot of sense, wouldn’t it?