First off: I have nothing against Breast Cancer Awareness or research/charity/etc.

I just hate the pink crap. It’s too much.

Pink Gloves. Pink Shoes. Pink Socks. Pink Towels. Pink highlights everywhere. It’s a touch overdoing it, don’t you think? There are pink highlights everywhere you look. They even gave the Refs pink flags (but the NFL just discontinued it because of the confusion between flags and towels, which kind of proves the point that it’s too much pink stuff). The pink clashes with every uniform, generates confusion, and looks terrible. Pink Scoreboards, Pink TV graphics, Pink logos, Pink hats, Pink Merchandise, Pink probably doing a halftime show somewhere. PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK

What’s wrong with turning it down a bit? Why not give the coaches a pink ribbon, stick a pink ribbon graphic on the field, maybe a few ads on the sideline walls, and a pink ribbon patch on the players uniforms? Why do we need Pink Socks and Pink Towels?

The Pink stuff, for all the presented “support” and such, is really just more marketing crap. Something like $1.36 for every $100 dollars spent on pink merchandise actually goes to research. The rest goes in greedy people pockets. So we have a month of very annoying color schemes for what amounts to surprisingly little in the way of actually helping. When you realize how much the NFL could actually be helping if they took a slightly smaller cut, it all starts to ring hollow as well as ugly.

Good luck to all the survivors out there, get checked, and tell the NFL to put more actual support into helping you than giving our players pink socks.

Edit: If you’d like to actually help, the NFL is now partnered with the American Cancer Socitey instead of Susan  G. Komen, which is nice because Komen is the worst. Here’s a link to donate: