Many people ask me what the worst times of the year is to make comics and the answer is obviously Julyish for obvious reasons. Early April is the second worst, being nothing but repetitive draft speculation and nothing else. Third, and the worst for a different reason, is January. January is the time of the year when the most content is happening. The beginning of January (especially now with the extended season) is when the meat of this comic’s lifeblood occurs: drama. Everything is viable. Playoff drama is tight as hell, and so is bottom-feeder drama. Black Monday is a frequently overlooked time here because there’s just never any goddamn space to make fun of everything. I wish I had made fun of Nathaniel Hackett more this season but I just always kept having to push it aside. Nathaniel Hackett deserved to be mocked.

Before we get to the Jets, let’s take a quick moment to laugh at his Broncos tenure one more time. Remember when the Broncos hired him because he was friends with Aaron Rodgers and then Rodgers decided to stay put? Then the Broncos traded their future for Russell Wilson as a hail mary and that ended up making their failures this year, especially on offense, even funnier? Hackett was practically the definition of a guy who failed upward. He followed Doug Marrone from the Bills to Jacksonville, where he had his One Good Season ™ getting a great rushing game out of Leonard Fournette and then subsequently sucked and was fired. The Packers hired him to be Rodgers’ pal and pal he was. He stood around and played ping pong with Rodgers and entertained his conspiracy theories while Matt Lafleur and, you know, S-tier QB Rodgers himself had great seasons. He got scooped up by the Broncos on a ploy and became our next Adam Gase: a guy who rode the success of a hall-of-fame talent to a job he shouldn’t have had.

He was overmatched from the first game. He had to bring in a guy just to help him keep track of time and make decisions. He was awful all year and couldn’t even keep his gig for one full season. Does he belong on the worst head coaches of all time list? Probably. Not near the top like current champion Urban Meyer but maybe down in the bottom half of the top 10. Just a loser from the word go. Now Sean Payton, a genuinely good offensive mind, is the coach of Denver and we get to find out if last year was Hackett ruining Russ or if maybe Hackett deserves some less blame than he gets because Russ was broken regardless. Even if Russ truly did break and Hackett wasn’t deserving of so much blame, I have no idea what the Jets saw this season to make them go “yeah, that’s the guy who is going to fix this”.

Is it because of his success with the run game in Jacksonville? The Jets were only competitive on offense last year when Breece Hall was healthy, so that’s my line of thinking. I assume they will grab a decent veteran QB this offseason (Rodgers, Carr, or Jimmy is my guess) and lean on Hall again. Saleh was brought in to be the guy and generally considered a good hire, but he deserves to be on the hot seat next year. I can’t remember the last time the Jets had a legitimately good offense. Not passable, but good. Like, it was the better unit and top 12 or so. I have a hunch that next year will not be it.