I don’t follow college ball closely, so when the Jags hired Urban Meyer, I didn’t have much of an opinion either way. My knowledge of Urbs amounted to this: He was the Florida coach when Tebow was there, then he was at Ohio State, he left Ohio State due to health problems that most people suspect was actually him ditching to avoid scandals. He seemed like a weasel and an asshole but he also seemed successful and frankly being kind of an asshole feels like a pre-requisite trait for coaching football, so I figured it might work out. I should have paid more attention to the people I knew who followed college football. They were all laughing at the hire. They were right to do so. What an absolute disaster of a hire. Arguably the worst head coaching tenure in NFL history. Before you write the rebuttal finish this post and see my argument first.

From day one Urbs was a problem. Remember when he hired Chris Doyle? Chris Doyle was a strength coach who was previously at Iowa, and left because he was accused of being a racist and a bully. Urbs defended the hire but the backlash was fierce and Doyle resigned the very next day.

His next issue was Tebow. Tebow was once Urban’s prized pony in Florida, so the connection made sense, but Tebow hadn’t touched an NFL field in years and was now trying out at Tight End. It felt less like Urban doing right by his old flame and more like a publicity stunt. Tebow is beloved in northern Florida thanks to Gainesville’s proximity to Jax, not to mention his weird cult following around the country of Christian try-hards. One of them commented on the last comic. I can almost assure you one will show up on this one. Tebow didn’t work out  and that whole stunt faded into the past.

The Jags got fined by the NFL over the summer for violating practice rules. They also got subpoenaed about the Doyle mess.

Then the video came out. The Jags went to Cincinnati, got plastered, and instead of flying home with the team Urban stayed in Ohio to be with “family” and by “be with family” he meant grind on college girls in his restaurant. The epitome of class. The video shows him sticking his fingers right between her legs. While it wasn’t sexual assault or anything it was an exceptionally bad look for a married man preaching accountability and family and all those virtues. Urban was at risk of firing just 4 weeks into his tenure and had to address the team about his actions. If this incident had happened later in the year I think Urbs would have been gone right then, but being so early the Jags got stuck in the sunk cost fallacy. The grinding video was also the point where most neutral and ignorant fans like myself turned on the guy. Oh, he really is a piece of shit!

Then came more and more losing. Not good, competitive losing like the Lions, just outright disgraceful losing. The entire team seemed mismanaged and the highlight of the year so far was a 9-6 clunker of a flag-ridden win against a Bills team that absolutely shat the bed during a year where they are continuously underperforming. They just kept sucking, week in and week out. No progress. No sign that this team was headed anywhere of value. Urban kept making weird statements in press conferences that seemed to indicate he didn’t know who was playing or when. James Robinson, the team’s best RB, was benched for fumbling even though he was the clear best option.

Then the leaks really started hitting in the last week. Urban was a complete asshole to players and coaches, calling his staff a bunch of losers and forcing them to defend their resumes. Didn’t you hire these people, Urbs? The locker room appeared to have been lost. Then yesterday a report comes out that Josh Lambo, the previous Jags kicker, was himself kicked by Urban while stretching in practice. When Lambo pushed back, Urban postured and acted like a douche. This appeared to be the final straw and at fucking midnight on Wednesday the news drops that Shad finally pulled the plug and sent Urban home for good. That’s the end of that chapter.

Urban appears to be the next strong case of college coaches that can’t make it in the NFL. There are exceptions, like Pete Carroll, Harbaugh, and Jimmy Johnson. There are fringe cases, like Chip Kelly, who was kinda good before things went south. But Urban fell into the camp of college bullies who don’t treat their players like the professional men they are. They are used to bullying these 19 yr old kids who have absolutely zero leverage. NFL players, especially older vets, are professional, paid men who aren’t going to take that shit for long. Carroll, Harbaugh, Johnson, and all the best coaches in the league treat their players like the adults they are. Coaches like that don’t work anymore in the NFL. They did once. I think the last truly successful asshole coach was Coughlin, and I think Coughlin still treated his players with more respect. Matt Patricia was a tyrant dickhead and look at him now. This is the main reason I think Judge will fail. I don’t know how he treats his guys in the building, but from the outside, he looks like a pointless hardass.

So Urban went 2-11, embarrassed everyone, and got fired before one year was over. Does this make him the worst hire in history? Let’s look at his obvious competition.

Bobby Petrino: Went 3-10, abandoned the Falcons like a disgraceful snake. A shitty dude who promised to stay and bailed with laminated thank you cards. However, he won one more game than Meyer did, and his original purpose as coach was to help Michael Vick, who he never got to work with thanks to the dogfighting scandal. He also left on his own accord and wasn’t fired. People also remember his motorcycle accident with his mistress, but that happened well after he left the Falcons. While that remains funny as shit, it shouldn’t count here.

Hue Jackson: Hue was a joke of a coach for the Browns, but he wasn’t the worst hire at the start. He’d been mildly successful in Oakland as HC and was a good o-coordinator for Cincy. While his record is abysmal in Cleveland, people like to forget that was kind of the entire plan. Cleveland was trying a 76ers style “process” move that expected the team to suffer for a while and gather draft capital. After year 3 started and no improvement was shown, it became clear this plan wasn’t working with Hue at the helm and who Hue was came into clearer focus. Hue was incapable of putting any blame on himself and he absolutely sucked, but I don’t think he was worse than Urban since many of his failures were intended as part of a larger, misguided strategy.

Lou Holtz: The Jets coach in 1976 went 3-10 and left for Arkansas after the season ended. I wasn’t alive for this one, so I don’t know if the scandal quota was there.

Folks like Adam Gase, Mike Ditka, Josh McDaniels, and such were failures, but Urban just feels worse. He didn’t make it a single season, won exactly two games, and spent the entire time embarrassing himself and the franchise. He’s got a claim for the crown. Part of this mess is social media amplifying everything. I’m sure what Urban did honestly wasn’t out of the realm of typical for coaches a while ago before the 24/7 news cycle and twitter blowing everything up, but that’s the world now. These microscopes make it harder to make mistakes, but they also make it clear that previous types of behavior will not be tolerated, especially if you can’t produce results.

Fuck Urban Meyer, and I hope the Jags can move forward. Maybe fire Trent Baalke next. Trent Baalke sucks ass and it’s no wonder the Jags had a ton of leaks, the 49ers also had a ton of leaks when Baalke was around. Baalke is a problem.

One last grind for the road.