I started The Draw Play right after the 2011 season ended. I sadly never got a chance to make comics about the fabled Tebow season, and a comic about this moment was on my shortlist of topics to make a throwback about when I started making them. With what happened last week, it only felt right to bring it up now, because I think this is the Demaryius Thomas moment that everyone is going to remember forever.

It’s mostly remembered at a Tebow play because Tebow was the topic that year but that game-winning TD was really mostly all Thomas kicking ass and taking names. Still the fastest overtime win in NFL history, and it made a farce out of the new overtime rules that had just been instituted. You could no longer win in overtime with a field goal on the first drive, you could only do it on a touchdown. One play into overtime and DT took a slant 80 yards and told the Steelers to fuck off forever. From a neutral perspective, it was probably the funniest game I saw all year and the ending was one of the hardest laughs I’ve had at the entire sport. I can still clearly see him dashing into the endzone as the bar I was in erupted in chaos.

DT seems like he’s been kind of forgotten in the pantheon of 2010’s WR greats. He wasn’t on the same plane as Julio, Nuk, AJ Green, Andre, or Megatron, but he was right behind them and was instrumental in that Broncos nightmare offense under Peyton’s twilight years. He got a ring in 2015 before spending his final seasons bouncing around a few more teams. By all accounts I’ve seen DT was an outstanding person, a humble, generous, wonderful human being. The world lost a good man. Rest in peace, DT.