As is tradition, I did not watch the pro bowl. Eli’s team won in the end. I’m going to pretend that means something. Eli is best son. I did watch the highlights and saw Peyton acting really mad about the end of the game like a petulant baby. Nobody cares, Peyton, it was a flag football game and you weren’t going to win.

So I’m not leaving this post with nothing, here’s the Super Bowl bet.

I think the Eagles are going to win. They have a better offensive line. Chris Jones will do his thing and probably disrupt a couple of drives, but the Eagles line is so stout (provided Lane Johnson holds up) that I think they will be able to wear the Chiefs down with consistency. Hurts is mobile and they use him well so they won’t be hamstrung if the line has issues. Honestly the thing is, it’s hard to find a specific weakness the Eagles have. The coaching is good. The QB is good (worse than Mahomes, obviously, but not bad). The offensive line is good. The run game is good. The defensive line is great. The backside of the defense is maybe its main weakness and I assume the Chiefs will exploit it and Mahomes will style on it for the occasional play, but it isn’t bad. The Chiefs have the edge in a couple of spots but not enough of an edge to really overcome the gulf. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game goes much like the previous Chiefs/Bucs SB where Mahomes was playing like a god but the team around him just wasn’t up to par with the competition. And Mahomes is hurt! He might be okay, but he won’t be 100%. Everything about this game screams Eagles unless Sirianni gets too smug and cute and Andy outcoaches him.

If the Eagles win, I will draw a large majestic eagle, Lombardi in beak, ridden by Hurts, carrying Andy Walrus through the skies
If the Chiefs win, I will draw an ancient Walrus god warrior, smiting an Eagle out of the sky