B-Marsh is a Giant! If you told me we’d replace Cruz with Marshall I’d have laughed in your face then gone to a back room and thought dirty things. But Marshall apparently didn’t want to move and probably wanted to play for a team with a chance to compete, so Jerry Reese slid into his DM’s like “yo” and now Brandon Marshall can piss all over our locker room in two years. I’m pretty pumped about it. OBJ, Shepard and Marshall sounds very much like the kind of unit that could set teams on fire. We just have to put out the fire that is the O-line situation first. I hope Reese spends the entire draft on Tight Ends and Tackles because one of them would have to be a hit, right? Please? We can’t build an offense on timing routes when Eli has to dump the ball into the dirt after half a second. Eli doesn’t like dirt. Coach makes him take a bath afterward, and he can never bring his ducky.

The Giants also picked up Geno Smith from the Jets in the same manner, like when you buy something from the grocery store and get a coupon back for something you probably won’t use, but like eh, why not take it? Maybe one day you will want a package of plain greek yogurt for something. I’ve been pretty mean to Geno here, because I think he isn’t very good (I hold nothing against the man personally). I’m not going to suddenly defend his play now that he’s on my team. In 2013 Eli was hot garbage, and Geno was the only QB who actually played worse. He’s not going to see the field anyway, because Eli is made of unbreakable putty and probably has 2-3 years left before he finally retires. I’m surprised Geno took this job though. One thing I’ll give Geno is he seems like a competitive guy who really wanted to be on the field starting and was actively upset he lost his job to Fitz. That fire to compete doesn’t lend itself well to being a backup for a guy who never gets hurt and who everyone considers better. If I was Geno I’d follow Romo around. That’s a guaranteed 3 games a year to be the man.

I wonder what it’s like to switch from being a Jet to Giant (or vice versa, though I can’t think of any examples offhand). You are going to work at the same building but wearing different colors. It might be kind of like switching from your job at a tech startup to another tech startup located in the same building so you sometimes get stuck with your former co-workers on the elevator and it’s awkward and weird. I wonder if B-Marsh and Geno packed up their lockers and were like “Peace out guys, it’s been real, keep in touch!” then walked across the hallway to the other locker room.