This John Elway comic brought to you by an awkward bit of conversation I had with my podcast co-host Sam, who apparently has decided he ho longer likes Trevor Siemian and wants him lynched. He will deny it. Don’t believe his lies.

The Broncos have had such a bizarre year since winning the Super Bowl. They shipped Brock Lobster off to Houston and ran with Trevor Siemian after drafting lanky Tony Stark. Neither played particularly well. Siemian was meh and Lynch looked like  a big project. Then they miss the playoffs in a stacked AFC West, the head coach resigns due to health problems, and then hired a guy I don’t think was really on any major radars in Vance Joseph. Joseph seems like a quality coach but I didn’t know a thing about him till he got hired and I said “who?” and did some research. Then we get to the Tony Romo speculation.

I personally strongly desire Tony Romo to be a Texan but if he ended up a Bronco I’d have to qualify Horseface up there as a genius because damn. Getting a great QB at career’s end for a final push worked once and the team is still stacked enough to pull it off again with a player like Romo (Injury being the MAJOR wildcard factor here). Instead, it seems they are committed to using Siemian as a stopgap over a developing Lynch (unless Siemian becomes a good player, anything could happen). I don’t know. Neither QB seems very good. Trevor Siemian’s ceiling feels like, I dunno, Kerry Collins. Really any boring mediocre QB you can think of, which is hard, because they are the most forgettable. Jake Delhomme, there’s one. Alex Smith? Alex Smith.  Ryan Tannehill. Nobody is going to remember the Tannehill era in a decade. That’s what Trevor Siemian aspires to.

Romo better be a Texan. if he retires it will be so depressing to see a player who was really good with a few flaws carry a team for so long against so much hate, only to be immediately replaced by a rising star just when people started to warm up to him with his final season being spent on the sideline due to injury and benching.