One of the pleasures of social media is that it absolutely allows this kind of hilarious drama to exist. This is usually a negative, especially if you get wrapped up in the drama. If you like causing it, or just want to be a fly on the wall, this shit is hilarious. Lamar took to twitter on Monday to tell the world that he requested a trade from the Ravens at the start of the month because he doesn’t think the team is willing to meet “his value”. Then he said he still loves Baltimore and Maryland, and plugged his fanpage (lol). This little stunt happened directly during a press meeting with John Harbaugh, who apparently had to respond to the situation in real-time. I don’t know if that was planned or not on Lamar’s part, but amazing work.

I stated my big question last week was how irreparable the relationship between Lamar and the Ravens is. This bit of news makes the relationship look pretty bad! There was also the suspicious timing about it. It feels weird to find out he requested a trade almost a month later. It feels like he was trying to alter a narrative and that was the best card he had.Hey, people are mad at me for not signing yet, guess what folks they are basically holding me hostage! I want out, and they won’t oblige!

In reality wouldn’t it have been smarter of him to reveal he wanted out sooner? Until this point you could look at the situation and say that all of Lamar’s actions still point towards wanting to be a Raven but he was just doing his form of negotiation. If he actually does want out, if he wants to be traded, letting the rest of the NFL public know so early to sway people to that side of the story would make sense. Teams are rightfully reluctant to put forth the kind of offer Lamar is demanding from the Ravens with the issues the franchise tag presents, but a trade? They might be able to get him cheaper on a trade if Lamar is so disgusted with the Ravens that the Ravens are essentially forced to get rid of him because he refuses to accept their offer.

It just feels like the Watson situation all over again. Watson wanted a bigger deal with Houston, Houston didn’t give it to him, so he held out in an attempt to escape from the team. The whole rapist thing came out during his holdout and complicated matters later. I don’t think that part will happen with Lamar, but the holdout might very well happen.

Anyway, I’ve got my popcorn and am enjoying the hell out of this.


EDIT: Friday’s comic will be a day late