The Gofundme is real. I was not going to half-ass this, Dave is going to eat Taco bell. Let’s make this happen.

Dave is a cool guy. He likes to do things like go outside instead of sitting on the internet like all the cool kids. He also enjoys football, drawing, drawing football, and drawing Jay Cutler’s butt.

But there’s something that Dave does not like.

And that thing is Taco Bell.

I dunno, maybe he has unresolved childhood drama from The Bell. Maybe a soft taco threw a stick in his bike spokes. Maybe the local neighborhood bully was named Gordita. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we free Dave from this emotional prison.

We need to buy Dave some Taco Bell.

Through your donations, we will fund a grand expedition (Dave will drive to Taco Bell using his own money) and 100% of these proceeds will go into the extreme costs of one Supreme Taco ($1.69). Should we reach that lofty funding level, any additional monies will fund exciting new side items such as One Of The Other Tacos, The Taco With A Different Cheese. The Cheesy Powder Cheese Cheese Bean Cheese Taco, or Churros.