So you remember that QUARTERBACK show that came out on Netflix last summer featuring Mahomes, Kirk, and Mariota? Well, the show is coming back! Only this time it isn’t about Quarterbacks. It’s called RECEIVER, and according to the poster, we are going to see Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, and Amon-Ra St. Brown.

So, uh, first question right out of the gate…George Kittle is a Tight End? You trying to gaslight me, Peyton? If RECEIVER is just going to refer to any guy who catches the ball then we have to also include eligible O-linemen and runningbacks.

Besides that annoying technicality that somebody better have gotten fired for, this is a pretty good slate of names. I am extremely excited to see the parts for Davante Adams where Josh McDaniels gets fired. He’s going to spend the first half of the show stern and mopey about all the difficulties and then the McDaniels thing will happen and he’s going to spend the rest of the show talking about how free he feels. It’ll be great seeing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into that mess. Kittle, Tight End or not, will probably be the most entertaining of the bunch simply because George Kittle is already extremely entertaining as a person. In fact, he might be part of this production simply because the producers went after Deebo and Kittle was right there and they just decided to film him too. I don’t know what Deebo is like. Is he interesting? I don’t think I’ve ever watched an interview of him not on a football field.

Justin Jefferson will probably not get as much screentime as we might hope because he spent half the year hurt and the Vikings were probably their most interesting while he was out. St Brown is the other name I’m really intrigued by because the Lions had an outstanding year and St. Brown is still firmly in the “Not quite a household name but should be” camp. WRs are the most Diva of all positions but out of these 5 I’m not really sure who stands out as the biggest diva. If only they followed Stefon Diggs. Now that guy is a diva.

I’m actually excited for this pivot into a new position but I wonder if this was the original plan. My gut says no. I remember reading a story a while ago that the show was having trouble finding Quarterbacks to agree to it for a second season. My guess is they got turned down by all of their main targets and they didn’t want to do a second season with like, Derek Carr and Sam Howell as headliners so they switched things up. Whatever the case is, I hope the trend continues and we get glimpses into different positions through the years. By 2050 I want a season following the people who run onto the field and squirt gatorade into the player’s mouths.


Next week will have no comics, gotta do the annual draft cards