MS Paint is hard

First off, did you read The Draw Play yesterday? Because if you didn’t, WHY NOT, THERE WERE IMPORTANT UPDATES. The Draw Play is on Patreon!

To anyone who has already contributed to The Draw Play Patreon, thank you. If you donated enough to get a picture, You’ll have it as soon as I get my new tablet. Trust me you don’t want a mouse-drawn sexy rexy. But trust me, your contribution has not gone unnoticed and unappreciated. I can’t thank you enough. So far it’s been a bit overwhelming, but I’ll be able to message everyone via Patreon eventually, so look for something from me in the future.

Anyway until I have another tablet I might try to find ways to make comics in all sorts of different mediums. Today is MS Paint, entirely with a mouse. Tomorrow…is a secret. Saturday…is also a secret. Secrets all the way down. I made this almost impossibly fast (I guess work is easy when you can’t use 99% of the tools you are used to and I’m not constantly hitting undo because the line wasn’t perfect) so I might keep making silly quick alt comics until we get back to normal. Drawing with a mouse is super hard. Peyton and Eli are my most drawn players on this site and even going slowly using a mouse is impossible. MS Paint is just terrible. It’s actually gotten a little better since the last time I dared venture into that program. They have like 8 different brush strokes now, because having different brush strokes in MS Paint really sells it. You can’t even edit text once you’ve written it and exited the text box. You have to erase the whole thing and THEN re-write it.

MS Paint is just the worst