Eli will always be a big dorky kid to me. But it turns out Peyton might be a bit of a scumbag.

I’m sort of withholding complete judgement on this Peyton story for now. Bottom line is I think it’s obvious he did it and I’ll probably look at him differently from now on, and parts of the story were really damning (The incident is one thing which honestly I can basically forgive him for, it’s the almost vindictive spite of ruining her career for years afterward that really bothers me), but at the moment all we have is a report from Dr. Naughright’s point of view written by her lawyers, and an incredibly over-dramatic article written by a well known controversy magnet (Shaun King). Seriously on a story this ugly, the author should not have been trending on twitter before the actual subject of the piece. That’s how much Shaun King angers people. I appreciated the info the article dropped, but my god it was over-dramatic. Way too much self-insertion by King, he practically made the article a story about himself writing the article. It was a really off-putting way to read what should be important news.

The lack of response from Peyton so far is kind of disconcerting. It feels to me like PR people are scrambling to come up with a good counter attack plan. When the HGH story hit he almost immediately came out to refute it. But he hasn’t said a thing about this? And now he’s named in a lawsuit against Tennessee for how the university allowed a hostile sexual environment for women.

It just makes you sit back and wonder about people. It makes you wonder about those rumors and stories you hear from friends of friends, in random corners of the internet or at parties. We shouldn’t put sports stars on pedestals like we do. He wouldn’t be the first major athlete to have skeletons exposed.

If all of this is true I hope Dr. Naughright finally gets some justice in all of this. Right now I’m just interested to see how things go from here. I want this story to get big enough that Peyton has to acknowledge it, and hopefully gets big enough that Nationwide/Papa John have to kill those ads due to controversy. I hate those damn commercials.