Tom Brady is going to his 6th Super Bowl and there’s no Eli to stop him. He also has a defense backing him up this time. Also everyone is healthy because Pollard never played them. Patriots better win this year because they won’t have a chance next year as the Giants 4 year prophesy returns, and they play Tennessee (and Pollard shall strike once again).

In terms of smug fanbases we got one of the worst lose-lose situations possible with this game. Either we get to suffer more Boston Smug as Brady takes his 4th ring and Patriots fans continue to be spoiled, or the already unbearable 12th man gets even more 12th man-er. Whoever wins, the rest of us lose. But outside that, this looks like it might be a great game. I’m personally rooting for Brady to cement his legacy, but I think Seattle is going to win. Hopefully it’s not the total domination and subsequent boring blowout of last year, which wasn’t even a game by the second quarter.

Teams like Seattle, with the stifling defense and ball control offense are just built to give the Patriots fits. I would know, I watched my team do exactly that, twice. Keep Brady pressured and off the field, that’s how you beat the Pats. Seattle is built to do that. While they don’t have the D-line that the Giants did, they do have a much better back-end, so it might even out. We are going to get Kam Chancellor vs Gronk and it’s going to be a pleasure seeing those two smack into each other. I have no doubt Sherman and Thomas will be fine by the Super Bowl, their injuries weren’t severe and they have two weeks to take care of their boo-boos.

I think the big X-factor in this game is going to be the Patriots defense. They are much improved and significantly better than the defenses the Giants dealt with, Brady hasn’t had this complete a team around him since 2004. If the defense can stop Russell and Lynch on a regular basis and keep giving Brady more chances, I have faith Brady will find a way. If the Pats can’t stop the ball control running from Seattle, the Patriots could be in for a long, long game. Brady is going to struggle against that D, but something will break if he keeps getting opportunities. If Lynch and Wilson keep chugging along and moving the chains, Brady is going to be forced to take more risks late (especially if the game is close) and it’s going to play right into Seattle’s game. Seattle this season has a tendency to play close games for 3 quarters and then all of a sudden pull away late. You need to stomp out Seattle early and build a good lead and keep the pressure on, something Green Bay learned the hard way. Green Bay had so many chances to put that game out of reach (one extra Field Goal would have been enough) and they just didn’t do it.

This past weekend it’s hard to not look at the Patriots total dismantling of the Colts and Seattle needing Green Bay to basically screw up a lot late to pull out the victory and think the Patriots are the front runners. Make no mistake, if Seattle plays like they did on offense in the Bowl, they are in deep trouble. Belichick is a far better coach than McCarthy and will not stupidly sit on leads and make conservative calls. This is going to be a good game, me thinks, but then again I thought that about last year so what do I know. The Patriots with Brady have yet to have a boring game, so let’s hope the streak stays alive.

In the meantime, prepare for
-Marshawn Lynch vs the media
-Brady in 6th SB, greatest ever?
-Whatever Gronk is up to
-Hey, remember when Blount got cut from Pittsburgh? Who’s laughing now?
-Wilson’s incredible record against other elite QBs! Even though, you know, QBs don’t actually play each other
-Tom Brady is old and really wants it this time you guys, as if he didn’t the last two times
-Deflategate (Which is total BS, by the way) and accusations of Belichick being a cheap cheater cheater by dumb people
-and so much more!