Ready and willing to be gawked at! Hope you like pokemon and freakish horrors!

Will be updated with stragglers I had pre-drawn who get picked up in rounds 2 and below after the draft is over.

What was your reaction to your team so far? Me? Im personally happy with Nabers. I don’t know who the hell is going to throw to him, but maybe we can figure that out next year since we are stuck with Jones for one more season anyway. I did not want JJ McCarthy at 6. Maybe McCarthy will be okay but I feel like that would have been a bad fit. He’s better off in Minnesota.

The Falcons though, what the fuck? Michael Penix? Right after tampering to get Kirk Cousins from the Vikings and giving him a huge deal, you draft the oldest QB prospect in the draft at #8? What the fuck are you doing? I like Penix! I want him to do well! He’s also old, why would you waste his valuable rookie contract years sitting behind a now blindsighted and angry expensive Cousins? The team has a lot of holes and there was so many quality picks available, especially on defense. The Falcons might be a new regime but it’s the same old shit.

The Bears killed it, getting Williams and Odunze is incredible. God we can only hope the void of dark energy that is Chicago offense doesn’t smother them.


EDIT: I got sick with a stomach bug on Sunday so you’ll have to settle for having the updated and complete 2024 cards instead of a comic. All the remaining pictures I had drawn prior to round 1 have been added.