Once more, the draft cards are live! Like 2017, I did them as they were picked. Each one took an average of 3 minutes.

-Giants traded down! That’s great! Got a great haul!
-Giants picked a guy Jason Garrett is 100% gonna misuse! Not hooray! Then all the edge rushers got picked right after and I’m furious
-Lmao Mack Jones is the new Tom Brady I guess, smelled to me like Bill just grabbing Jones on the recommendation of his buddy Nick
-Bears made a good move and got a good QB pick
-All those 49er smokescreens and they took the guy most thought was an outside chance at 3 at best
-No concrete reason to feel this way, but my gut tells me Zach Wilson is this year’s bust
-Eagles wanted DeSean 2.0, but I genuinely wonder if Smith is too skinny, corners in the NFL are bigger and more physical
-Bengals better draft nothing but o-line for rounds 2-7
-Jets trading back up and giving up lots of picks was a bold move for a team with so many holes to fill in the coming years
-haven’t followed enough scouting reports to have any other opinions, please insert yours below

-Lmao that Aaron Rodgers news bomb, definitely a comic for next week