The draft is over. Finally. Once again we can be at peace and go outside and touch grass. We will miss football soon enough and even one day yearn for the inane nonsense of mock draft season, but for now, it feels like a relief. All those damn draft weirdos can go back to being irrelevant. Sure, they’ll still produce content. They’ll still look at players and report on things. But now we don’t have to pretend they matter. Their power over the news cycle is gone. Not a moment too soon.

The Giants draft seemed meh to me. We didn’t address the offensive line at all. After losing Kevin Zeitler and signing no one else (though we get Solder back) our o-line is gross to look at. For once the tackles might be our best spot. I’m pretty pissed we didn’t take a single flyer on a guy in round 3 or lower. The trades were good and I’m glad we got stacked for 2022, and I think I’m happy with Toney+The Picks over having Devonta Smith. Engram, Shep, and Slayton are all prime candidates to leave in the coming years so getting some weapons now isn’t the worst idea.

I’m very pumped they picked two edge rushers, a glaring weakness in an otherwise stout defense. Azeez seems like a great pick where we got him and who knows, the other guy might work out. We also grabbed two cornerbacks, which, I dunno, we have Bradberry and signed Adoree Jackson, did we really need that? Over O-line? The 6th round RB pick is fine, late rounds are good for RB picking. So overall I’d give the draft a B-. The draft itself was weak but the value built in for next year is very nice. As of right now Gettleman has had two terrible years and one good year. If he wants to stay employed he better hope this year works out.

As for everyone else? Eh. Can’t really judge any of them yet! We’ll have to wait and see!