To quote George Lucas: “It’s like poetry. It Rhymes”.

Rodgers is mad at the Packers. He had a couple years of lesser play (to his standards, at least), and instead of addressing issues he wished for, they drafted a new QB. He got mad about that, went on an absolute tear with one of the best seasons in his career, lost in the NFC Championship, and now he’s feuding with management. Sound familiar? Sure does to me, baby.

It’s not a perfect 1-to1 parallel (I don’t see Rodgers using the retirement card to force the issue) but it looks pretty close, doesn’t it? Stick around long enough and eventually you reach an impasse. Rodgers won the last power struggle in the Packers but I’m not sure he’s got any real leverage this time.

So will Rodgers go anywhere? I don’t see it. The Packers have said they aren’t trading him and while every statement by both sides here should be taken with an entire Lot’s wife sized pillar of salt, I think they certainly mean it when they say they wish to keep him. You don’t casually jettison an MVP hall of famer who showed he still has it. You especially don’t unload him while he’s tied to your book with an absolute albatross of a contract.

That contract is probably the main reason he won’t go anywhere. It’s a doozy. Though there is reason to hope. Just a few states away lies Carson Wentz, a broken shell of a man also tied to an albatross, who still managed to blow everything up with his disaster of a season and force his way to Indianapolis against most people’s expectations. A massive contract was traded. The rest of the NFC North looks wistfully out the window, thinking of Wentz as they eagerly wait with baited breath to see what Rodgers pulls off. The chances are low, but you’re telling me there’s a chance.

I hope it happens and he goes to the Vikings. The chaos that would ensue would sustain me for years.

Also I don’t really have another place to put this but Brett Favre sucks, fuck that guy, especially since this is like the one story he wont comment on.

I feel like most people know the Sickos meme by now but in case you’ve never seen the origin of it