Okay so first, a health update: Had another big flare up last week, doctors still don’t know what’s wrong with me, so updates in coming weeks might be a bit disjointed. Draft cards this year are probably going to be another case like 2017, when I drew them on the spot. Thanks to this and various other factors I have nothing done yet, so thems the breaks. I still laugh at those so honestly I’m fine with that. If I come up with a creative and expedient alternate idea for them in two days I’ll do that instead.

On to the uniforms!

I like them. One of the best Nike has done. The Bengals were in dire need of an update as they still had side panels, a glorious early 2000’s era trainwreck of a design element. Glad to see it go the way of the dodo. Like every major re-design, Nike was essentially given two choices. Get weird, or get simple. Most of their attempts to get weird so far (Browns, Falcons, Bucs, Rams) have gotten a mixed reception at best. All of their more simplistic basic attempts to clean things up have gone well. This is the case with the Bengals. They went simple and safe and it looks fantastic.

Unlike the new Bucs, Browns, and Dolphins, where they basically just went back to a classic design and don’t deserve credit for it, I think they deserve credit here. The Bengals uniforms have always been somewhat doomed by the tiger stripe elements they basically have to use and this is the first uniform where I think they finally really work on the shoulders. This might actually be my favorite Bengals uniform style in history. Simple works wonders for a team that is generally too busy, and the jersey and pants are now in line with the helmet, which has always ruled.

Are they basically tweaked versions of the color rush? Yeah, especially the white away ones, but I don’t care. That was also Nike’s work and it was a good look. Still hoping for a white helmet they can wear with it, but I’m groovy with these duds. I really have no problems with it. I like the number font. I like the shoulders and how they used the stripes. I love the orange version with the black pants. A lot of people complained about the “Bengals” above the number but it isn’t that big (like those dreadful Atlanta “ATL”s) and it looks better than the B logo that they had previously. It’s small, it adds a minor touch of color, it’s great.

I think the only thing they did that I dislike is the pants that have the orange stripes. The stripes are outlined by black lines, and it doesn’t work. Take away the black lines. Better yet, make the stripes black. The black stripe pants are fine as is.

Also, yes, I re-drew everything for this one. The original version’s art was so flawed to me by this point that I hated looking at it. Consider this the soft reboot.