Each year Flacco’s contract feels less and less ridiculous. Flacco may have gotten obscenely paid, but he won a damn Super Bowl for that cash. Each QB to get paid since has more or less earned it, to varying degrees. The only one I’d question is Tannehill, but he’s been a reliable starter for years now, so I’m willing to give him a partial pass. But with so many teams strapped for QB talent these mega contracts trickle down and inflate the mediocre talents. Sam Bradford. Josh McCown. And now quite possibly the funniest contract I’ve seen in years. 72 million for Brock Osweiler? Are you kidding me? As far as I’m concerned that’s the most baffling contract of the offseason. At least Oliver Vernon’s deal is structured smartly (Front-loaded during a large cap space year for the Giants) and he had an actual body of work on his resume.

But goddamn Brock Osweiler? This is the equivalent of Sam Bradford getting his mega contract before playing a down. Brock is basically a rookie who has done nothing of any value except start half a dozen games and barely manage them, on a team where QB play barely mattered because of the defense. I mean Peyton Manning was having his worst season ever and so they put Osweiler in, and then Osweiler was so mediocre they put broken ass Peyton back in and basically told him “just run the ball and don’t take a single risk” and then won a Super Bowl. The guy who had a chance to take over for a physically broken Peyton Manning after years of getting to learn behind him and basically failed gets a contract worth up to 72 Million dollars? With something like 18 million a year? And the Broncos offer was around 16 million a year? HAHAHAHAH *vomits blood*

So yeah, I’m not real high on Brock. Maybe he pans out. The Texans are a good team to be on. He’s got Nuk as a target and the best player in football already being the team leader. But still. *Vomits blood again*