Kyler Murray got paid! The little man will stick around Arizona for the time being, making mad stacks to struggle every year after week 10. Good for him. I loved this his contract almost seemed like a bit of spite towards Deshaun Watson’s contract. Deshaun is getting 230 Million. Kyler is getting 230.5 Million. Watson gets 46 million per year. Kyler gets 46.1 million per year. Obviously, Watson’s contract is full guaranteed and Kyler’s is not, but I like that very small minor bit. Also obviously, neither are worth that level of contract. I don’t even think Watson would be worth that if he was a good boy and not the league’s #1 predator.

But hey, the market dictates that everyone gets slightly more money than the last guy. The Cardinals are still a great team on paper and for a while, actually seemed like one. They are unfortunately stuck with arguably the worst coach in the division though (kind of a toss-up between Kliff and senile Pete Carroll) and the NFCW remains a righteous gauntlet. The Cardinals are all-in now on the 5’10 scuttlebug so they better make this work or they are going to explode in glorious fashion pretty soon.

He can have all the money in the world now to buy various tools and servants to reach things on the top shelf while my poor 6’3 ass has to reach for them myself. Eat the rich. Kyler will serve as a tasty appetizer. A delicious hor’dourves before the main course of a ketchup-covered Pat Mahomes steak. Just kidding the owners are the real meal even though they’ll taste far worse.

EDIT: You know what? I’m going to enjoy the one month of summer weekends I have left before the season starts and so should you, so unless big news happens, Monday updates will probably be sporadic at best. Spend time with your loved ones, football will be back soon enough