A weird detail about Kyler Murray’s contract came out on Monday.

“Independent Study” means Player studies the material provided to him by the Club in order to prepare for the Club’s next upcoming game, including without limitation any such material provided via an iPad or other electronic device. Time spent in mandatory meeting shall not constitute Independent Study.

Player shall receive no credit for Independent Study for any period during which Player does not personally study that provided material in good faith. For the avoidance of doubt, Player shall not receive any credit for Independent Study with respect to any periods during which any material is displayed or played on an iPad or other electronic device if (a) Player is not personally studying or watching the material while it is being displayed or played or (b) Player is engaged in any other activity that may distract from his attention (for example watching television playing video games or browsing the internet) while such material is being displayed or played.

The Cardinals wrote into his contract that he has to do literal homework. 4 hours of film study per week. INTENSE STUDY. No distractions, no video games, only zuul. It’s absurd, right? Obviously, the Cardinals would want their star QB to watch film, but to actually bake it into the contract? I can’t believe Murray and his agent were okay with this. The Cardinals are giving him 230 million dollars and are going about it like helicopter parents. If you trust a guy enough to offer him 230 million dollars…just tell him to study film! Be angry with him if he doesn’t! This is like how my mom used to withhold my N64 as a kid during weekdays until I did all my chores.

I feel like this clause might have been leaked by Kyler’s agent as a way to make it effectively unenforceable. It’s a meme now. People are already laughing at the Cardinals for how childish this clause is even though Kyler does have a gamer reputation and once said he doesn’t need to watch film. I feel like that comment was just Kyler humble bragging about how good he is and not particularly serious. They seem to be treating him like he’s JaMarcus Russell.  I’m unsure how they are going to enforce it to begin with. Does he have to be on camera while he studies the film? Are they recording the sessions via some internal software tracker? Are they going to ask his mom if he’s been a good boy? How do you enforce something like this?

Obviously, Kyler probably should be doing the studying. Especially past week 8 or so, if history is anything to go by. But if I was him, and the tracking software doesn’t require me to be on camera, I’d rig some sort of device that occasionally hits the pause and rewind buttons to trick his iPad into thinking he’s engaging with it while he goes somewhere else.

It’s wild to think that up to 100 Million dollars is potentially on the line because Kyler needs to do his homework

Also JJ Watt is totally the guy who’d tell the teacher that they forgot to assign homework that day.