So the other laugher contract that was given so far this free agency was to Dolphins pass rusher Olivier Vernon. The Giants came into free agency with a lot of cap space, a lot of holes on the roster, and a GM with a seat so hot his butt has 3rd degree burns. So it was inevitable that some players were bound to get some fat stacks. But after overpaying Janoris Jenkins and Snacks, they gave Olivier Vernon obscene money. And yeah, Vernon is technically getting more guaranteed money than the best player in football.

I’m glad the Giants managed to get Vernon. He’ll probably do real well before he goes on IR week 6 because Giants. We needed a more reliable player across from 8 Fingers than Robert Ayers who left to the Bucs. On paper, Vernon – Snacks – Hankins – JPP is actually a pretty solid line and might fix our biggest problem from last year. Of course the Giants still have a grand canyon hole at safety and linebacker, and #2 WR but PROGRESS. We’ll probably be less mediocre. So basically still mediocre. I expect playoff contention till week 15 and then we drop a horrible game to the Eagles but because we had mild PROGRESS everyone sticks around and we get all up in that mediocre biz in 2017.

In other news, to my reader optimists, what’s that like?