I didn’t touch on good ol’ Jimmy G. outside the immediate trade news, but watching him will his way to wins on the hapless 49ers in the second half of the season was legitimately impressive. Jimmy seems like he might be the real deal. Good for him.

7 starts does not deserve the highest paid contract in NFL history. Give me a break.

I know the market dictates a lot of that, and I know Jimmy isn’t a young rookie or anything, but becoming the highest paid player in NFL history because of 7 starts? Even on potential that’s absurd. This is the kind of contract that got the rookie wage scale put in place, because people like Sam Bradford (who hadn’t yet proven anything) were getting more money than anyone else despite never playing a down. I have my issues with the rookie wage scale but I agreed with that part of it. Jimmy might have the potential but he hasn’t earned this contract yet.

Anyway now that it’s proven that Alex Smith on the Moon comics take place in the same universe, DRAW PLAY EXTENDED UNIVERSE CONFIRMED!

It’s extended because Sexy Rexy makes everything extended.