Well so much for the Bengals. They had a good run. At least this year when the Bengals get ousted in the wildcard round it’ll be Andy Dalton’s fault in a different way.

Yeah okay maybe I’m being pretty pessimistic here but we are talking about the Bengals. They could not afford this to happen right now. With Dalton out it’s pretty much guaranteed they won’t get the #1 seed over the Patriots, and the #2 seed is probably going to be decided in week 16 against the Broncos. They do get to face the 49ers and Ravens in the other two weeks which are very winnable, but…AJ McCarron. AJ….MCCARRON. YEAH. Also Eifert got banged up.

The Steelers are right on their tails too, with games against the Broncos, Ravens and Browns coming up. If the rest of the Bengals can’t carry AJ. AJ was the managerist of game managers at Bama so maybe he can pull it off. But even if they Bengals hold off the Steelers, Pittsburgh is on fire right now and they look extremely dangerous. Hell, the Chiefs do too…somehow. Basically I have no faith in the Bengals at all now, and I have been leery of them all season. I honestly hope they don’t rush Dalton back and screw him up.