Bonus points for anyone who gets the historical reference.

JJ Watt broke his hand in practice this week but will still play against the Patriots. Maybe he broke it trying to hard at literally anything. Maybe he saluted too hard, or was signing autographs for orphans for so long it wore down even his gloriously strong pristine bones. Maybe you can only pleasure yourself to the American Flag for so many hours. Maybe he met someone who didn’t love democracy as much as he does and he clenched his fist too hard, because only JJ Watt can crush JJ Watt.

He’s still playing this weekend against the Patriots because having a functional hand isn’t that important to D-lineman (Ask JPP, who is already the best D-lineman on the Giants even after losing half his hand).

I wish we’d get more snippy feud between Watt and Mett. Having a snarky foil to Mr. Perfect is something we need to keep JJ fun instead of just being Captain America all the time. Sports Feuds are fun, especially when they are as harmless as two players sniping each other over twitter. Mett will never stand a chance against Watt on the field but I love that he can get under Watt’s skin.