I wish I could love the Titans/Jags rivalry. I really should. It feels like it should be one of the best rivalries in the league. The two fanbases hate each other. The Jags especially hate the Titans mostly due to residue bitterness over the 1999 season when the Jags lost only 3 games: all to Tennessee.

It’s a perfect rivalry set up. Neither team has ever won a championship, so they are racing for that first one. They both came to be around the same time (Oilers don’t really count here). Both teams seem to be on the same ebb and flow of competence. They seem to suck at the same time and they seem to be good at the same time. They’ve both spent years in the cellar and are both now beginning to climb out and look like potential contenders. They both made it to round 2 of the playoffs just last season. This has all the makings of a classic rivalry. Except for one problem: They can’t play a watchable football game to save their lives.

Seriously every time these two teams get together, especially in the past couple of years, it’s an atrocity. This past weekend was a 9-6 shitfest where a hobbled Titans team starting¬†Blaine Gabbert managed to flop itself into 3 field goals and the Jags, who just beat the Pats and are viewed as AFC contenders only flopped their way to 2 field goals. At home. The previous game they played, also won by Tennessee (TEN is currently on a 3 game win streak and owns the overall rivalry 28-20) was 15-10. When the games aren’t low scoring trash they are ugly blowouts. 37-16. 38-17. But even the closer games never felt very watchable. It’s like watching a street fight between two people who don’t really know how to fight. Just a mess of limbs going everywhere that turns into an awkward mass of lumpy wrestling on the ground.

I’m sure there were good games between these two teams, but I can’t actually remember one. Someone please remind me of the last time these two produced watchable fun football.

And I hate it! This is going to piss off both Jags and Titans fans but from an outside perspective I honestly like both teams. I love Mariota and Bortles. I love Jalen Ramsey and Kevin Byard. I have a soft spot for Delanie Walker (RIP) and good ol’ Tom Coughlin. I’d much rather see either of these teams win the AFCS over the always hateable Colts or the always boring as hell Texans. I just wish they’d play a good game of football.

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