Jimmy dead.

So much for all that hype. It wasn’t even a noble death, like getting sacked in the face of extreme pressure but delivering a shot or scrambling over the middle of the field. It was a shameful death. Brought on by trying to get an extra yard instead of running out of bounds, even though he was nowhere near a first down. Just like that, his knee took a turn, and now Jimmy dead. RIP Jimmy.

At least his beautiful handsome face remains unblemished.

The 49ers and Jimmy were getting far too much hype during the offseason anyway honestly. A lot of it was of course tongue in cheek, but fans are dumb and winning makes it easy to forget the flaws or hitches you see in a game. Jimmy rarely looked stupendous last year but he won 6 straight so WHO CARES SUPER BOWL BABY. I remember when Tebow won like 6 games in a row too. All that winning made a lot of people overlook that he was still one of the worst QBs in the NFL during that span. Hell right now you can see evidence of it hitting Baker Mayfield. Baker played one excellent half of football and he’s already being hailed a savior and people are saying “they were wrong he’s good”. One half of football. Put the brakes on, man. I want Baker to be the answer as much as everyone does but one half of football don’t mean jack.

(This is secret code for me telling all my twitter followers to stop asking me to draw Baker slaying the Browns hydra, let the dude prove he should be slaying it first)

The 49ers fans have nothing to really look forward to now. I guess they can watch for other developing players. Hey, Rueben Foster? Matt Breida is cool, if he’s not completely dead. Fred Warner seems good. Well, they might still be good enough to win second place in the division? The Hawks are garbage and the Cardinals might be the worst team in the league this year. I guess we get to see if CJ Beathard is the future of stopgap quarterbacks. How thrilling. CJ Beathard has one victory under his NFL belt. Last year’s Ben McAdoo led 3-13 Giants.

-No comic tomorrow. I don’t want to hear any complaining you got 5 straight comics this week and THREE of them were fully rendered. In a row. You aren’t going to get that lucky again.
-Next week I will be trying out the schedule I proposed earlier this week. Regular comics on Wed/Fri, plus a Checkdown on Monday. There may be more checkdowns during the week, but it will depend on how inspired I am. My goal is to eliminate the Saturday comic (And a busy Friday night when I usually just want to rest after a work week) as they’ve always been significantly less read than my Tues/Thurs ones, and to give myself the ability to more quickly react to Sunday’s games. Also, to give the bigger ideas more time to gestate so I’m not trying to rush out an idea for Tuesday. I have to start working on Tuesday comics Sunday night, which isn’t a big deal in the offseason but is very difficult during the regular season because I’m too entranced with the action to properly formulate a decent idea. Then on Monday I’m rushing it. I want to stop that. So next week is going to be a change and we’re gonna see how it goes.