How many goddamn times are we gonna do this until we learn?

I stopped making Pats comics around the Super Bowl aftermath because there was nothing left to say about them. That’s the problem that sports writers still haven’t figured out what to do with yet. How do you write about a team that everyone wants to see dead when there’s no reason to say anything bad about? FREAK OUT OVER MINOR SETBACKS!

To be fair this year’s over-reaction to early season Patriots hiccups had a lot of writers hedging themselves with stuff like “There is still plenty of time to turn things around” and “The Pats are still a good team so it’s early” but that was just an excuse to prevent them from looking bad when the inevitable happens. There is only one thing to write about the Pats every year. “The Patriots are an elite team that will figure things out and make a deep playoff run”.

That’s it. Until the very moment the Patriots don’t make the playoffs or get washed out in the wildcard round, that’s all that needs to be written about the Pats.

No other good team gets written about like it’s the end after one or two bad games. The Eagles are 2-2, you aren’t going to see many, if any, articles about how things might be falling apart, because even good teams have bad games. Even good teams have problems. The Patriots do have problems! But who cares they’ll figure it out, because they always do. In the meantime stop giving Boston fans any sort of ammo. They’re stretching for literally anything to use as motivation at this point (because even the greatest dynasty of all time still doesn’t get respected enough for them so you gotta grab onto the smallest insults).

I recognize I’m part of the problem here but just stop talking about the Pats. I’ve been doing my best to avoid them for months. All the minor drama like Gronk, Malcom Butler, Jimmy G vs Brady, all of it. Ripe material but I’m just tired of them. Leave the Pats alone, sportwriters. It’ll be more fun to do an autopsy once the wheels finally fall off anyway. Failing to predict it for 5 years + now is getting just as boring as the team itself.

EDIT: I checked Deadspin this morning for news and this article about Maybe the Eagles Stink is the first thing I see. Fuck me, right?