So allow me to do something a bit different.

Since I left Uproxx in late 2016, I haven’t really had a place to put my stupid non-comic things. KSK was essentially my outlet for that. Logos, drawing lessons, prediction cartoons, and other weird, stupid crap. (Apparently Uproxx has removed the links to some of my older content, guess it’s time for a re-upload here soon. Some of that nonsense was worth saving)

Since I don’t really have time to make my weird dumb side content ideas for other sites anymore and keep up with 3 comics a week, I figured I’d just occasionally start replacing Saturday comics with alternative stuff. Not every week, probably not frequently at all, but occasionally. Stuff like this.

So the Titans came out with a meh redesign earlier this week. I like to rally and offer lots of critique whenever Nike makes changes, but I rarely offer my own work as a counter example. Mostly because I’m lazy and cannot take anything too seriously. I figured I actually would try that this time. This is a semi-serious attempt to have a little fun with design ideas.

None of these are “finished” concepts. All of them are basically me screwing around with some ideas. Since my analysis of the Titans new look was that I wish Nike had pushed it farther, I decided to actually do that and build a few simple concepts out of some of the ideas I had. Most people will probably hate this because there are too many traditionalists who think football uniforms all have to look basically the same with slightly different colors, while I think we could be moving into more interesting territory just to see what sticks, which is something I appreciate Nike for. Without further adieu:


I call this one the basic. I like heavy shoulder pads. I changed up the main uniform to be primary light blue, which is a theme I kept through all of them. I firmly believe the Titans should use the light blue as a primary due to it looking better and being more unique. Especially if they had a light blue helmet. I’m also a big fan of helmets that aren’t just the logo slapped on there. I think the flames offer the Titans a really great opportunity for a cool helmet and they aren’t capitalizing.


I call this the SWORD SHOULDER look. MORE SWORDS. The sword connects around the back behind the name. There are also swords on the sides of the legs. I didn’t feel like finding another template to show that better.


I call this STAR SHOULDERS. I like cool shoulder stuff okay. The Titans have stars on their logo from the Tennessee Flag. Stars are good, include them in the outfit more. Steal some of that Cowboys mojo.


Just playing with the idea of making the jersey multiple colors in a different way. It is a little closer to the rugby roots of football.


RAD FLAMES TELL ME THIS SHIT WOULDN’T RULE REALLY HARD. The Alt uniform is terrible but still rad. We have to expand our idea of what a football uniform can be.




This one is the one that started as a big joke but actually kinda made me like it in the end. I took the sword logo and made it huge, and it then kinda fit the uniform better than expected, leaving a natural spot in the middle for the number. I think the middle away jersey could actually work. Kinda.


This is what I wish the Titans helmet looked like right now.


See? Making it just flames even makes the plain white helmet work better.


Sword logo, just to see. I think the comet actually curves around the helmet better.


The circle and stars, just to see how it looked. tri-color helmet with hard edges because fuck the Jags gradient bullshit.


Make it look like an actual piece of armor a Titans could wear? Just a thought.

That’s that! The next thing to take the place of a comic will likely be for my annual draft cards. Normal comic comes back on Tuesday! Maybe Dez will be on a team by then.