Nobody asked for a Charlie Whitehurst comic in 2021 but it’s the offseason and I do what I want, fuck you

Clipboard Jesus is a top 10 football player moniker. In fact, here are my top ten football man monikers that aren’t Sexy Rexy because nothing will ever be as good:

The Big Tuna
The Refrigerator
Big Dick Nick
The Minister of Defense
Prime Time
The Snake
Clipboard Jesus
Broadway Joe
Big Ben
The Bus

There are of course so many others worth mentioning. Monikers are great. The only one I never liked was Sweetness. Always thought that was a dumb moniker. Sweetness conjures up happy innocent childhood family memories to me, not football jukes.

Also a commenter on the last comic mentioned my TV Tropes page and WHAT THE HELL? WHO MADE THIS? I SURE DIDN’T, WHO WAS IT? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN