I bet none of you sum’bitches expected a Titans comic today BUT GUESS WHAT IT HAPPENED.

That’s just the sort of thing that happens when you plan out a comic the day before free agency and you don’t want to scrap it and force some other joke. Free agency was crazy yesterday, I’ll get to the good stuff. Seems like everyone is going to get a fort elite moneys now.

Anyway, the Titans. Forgot about them for a second. Don’t we all.

It’s kind of amazing the Titans O-line is as bad as it is when you think about it. They have poured two top 11 picks into the offensive line in recent seasons. Chance Warmack was a star at Bama and probably one of the best players in that draft. He’s been completely uninspiring. Taylor Lewan was an 11th overall pick, and he’s been…okay. Center Brian Schwenke was a 4th rounder. Can’t hold a 4th rounder to 10th overall standards but still. Byron Bell did okay for himself in Carolina and was signed to bolster the line. Instead the Titans offensive line has been bad, terrible even. It’s probably one of the major reasons the Titans have been scrounging around at the bottom of the barrel for several years. That and Ken Wisenhunt. Of course now they decided that Mike Mularkey was a good thing to keep around, because reasons. The Titans are in a hole and not even Magic Marcus is going to save this sorry lot. It’s a bummer because the Tits could use some love. Maybe DeMarco can give that love. He was awful in Philly but he was not used properly and we now know Chip Kelly was more insane than a genius. But I doubt he’ll do anything meaningful behind a line that continues to play like this.

I just don’t see the Titans keeping pace with the other teams in the division. The Texans now (might) have a QB, and they replaced Foster with a running back I greatly admire in Lamar Miller. The Jags spent some mega bucks and they seem to have found a franchise QB as well. They are trending up. The Colts? I mean screw the Colts but they have Andrew Luck and as long as he’s there they will compete. The Titans just can’t keep up. Not like this. Goddamn Mike Mularkey.

But I have such a soft spot for the underdog so I wish the Titans well.